50 ways to improve memory

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This article is featured with the ways and motivation to improve memory retaining power

Side note : do not correlate the hunderd things to hundred physical points and in a local fashion. Have heart to accept them in a global perspective treating as abstract entities.

1 Biological way : use ayurvedic powders like aswaganda , mix it with milk or water and consume daily at same time. These herbs helps the body to produce harmones and essential potentials in the neuron cells which automatically boosts memory retaining capacity.

2 Astronomical way : There are some vedic chants if chanted daily produce auspicious results. There are many mantras like

“Krim achutananda govinda”

which when chanted for seven times removes the disease ailment present in body if any as the corresponding dieties are pleased and help in curing the disease. I feel forgetfulness is also a disease but of minor concern to humans.

3 Musical way : listen to some memory increasing music and binaural beats which relaxes brain muscles and neurons relieving stress thereby increasing life span.
Note : binaural beats should be listened only with headphones as the music heard in the left channel and right channel are different

4 Physical way : say there is a birthday function in your home and a person is taking ice cream using scoop from main box to a small ice cream holder cup, now the person who fills the cup with ice cream checks with eyes if the cup is full and not overflowing so that the ice cream in cup.ia stable (if there is more empty space in cup he keeps some more ice cream)

Likewise, when any content is stored in your brain (you have known that information) also try to feel the storing of information in your brain. Just feel the place or cells in brain and find for yourself where the information is stored in your brain. This actually helps to stabilise the content you have known. You need not do it always, it is enough of you do it once oe twice a week. You need not recollect each new thing you have known, just try to recollect in a summarized fashion

5 medicinal way : There are many medicines, ayurvedic capsules, syrups available in market. I personally do not prefer these as when there are other natural ways as well, resort to them

6 meditation : This not only improves focus, attention, concentration but also as a byproduct improves memory. Meditation and yoga are the two open secrets known to human kind from vedic times

7 psychological way : The more stress you feel either due to work pressure or other reasons the memory capacity decreases. Stress and tension are not in our hands. They may come due to our unescapable day to day duties like jobs or pending court cases or other events. Stress and tension cannot be get rid off easily. The best way to tackle them is don’t feel them. Try to keep them in a sandbox environment. Recollect them when needed

8 Religious way : Offer prayers to GOD and visit temple daily to get blessings of deities so that they grant you good memory.

9 philosophical way : say you are preparing for your exams. Do not read continuously take break every 45 minutes for 15 minutes. Read for 45 minutes and take break for 15 minutes and relax your mind to allow it to absorb newly learnt things

10 studying secret : whatever you read today revise it on following days 1,2,3,5,7,11,15 th days and you will never forget

11 prescriptive way : keep your mind fresh always so that your nerve cells are not strained much, your brain accepts fastly new information encountered in your daily life

12 diagnostic way : see that you dont get headache very often. Say you got headache once, backward analyze the reasons for that and note them down. See if the reasons are same if you encounter headache in the future. Try to eliminate them.

13 style of living : see that you are not watching TV for long hours or peeping onto computer screen or phone for long hours continuously. Any strain that you feel for your eyes externally are applicable equally to your brain memory internally which cannot be noticed by ourselves

14 practical way : whenever you are involved in a same activity for a long time which strains your eyes like hearing class from morning to evening or being in front of system continuously then try to see plants and trees in the environment for few minutes then you can instantly feel the difference of relaxation on your eyes

15 gaming way : Play some brain games on mobile or on desktop which inadvertently has effects on improving sharpness, accuracy. Instead of playing subway surfers on mobile play games like peak, lumosity and games like “dual n back” online game in http://brainscale.net/dual-n-back, amd games like camera mind, memory flash, random words, short term memory, random images
In http://games.becomeasuperlearner.com/leveltwoshorttermmemory
On pc.

16 nitpicking way : do short bursts of heavy activities and rub on your cheeks down to up so that blood circulation to cells in brain increases and result can be seen henceforth

17 Rouge way : try to stay upside down for atleast 15 minutes each day to increase blood circulation to brain. I do not recommend this as this is a difficult taks and not everyone can do this.

18 smooth hit : Certain vitamins and fatty acids have been said to slow or prevent memory loss. The long list of potential solutions includes vitamins like vitamin B-12, herbal supplements such as ginkgo biloba, and omega-3 fatty acids, minerals like magnesium.

- Having enough B-12 in your diet can improve memory. However, if you get an adequate amount of B-12, there is no evidence that higher intake has positive effects. You should be able to get enough B-12 naturally, as it’s found in foods such as fish and poultry. Fortified breakfast cereal is a good option for vegetarians

- As per some studies conducted vitamin E can benefit the mind and memory in older people. The vitamin E is found in: nuts, seeds, dark-colored fruits such as blueberries, avocados, and blackberries, vegetables such as spinach and bell peppers

- There is no strong relationship established between omega-3 and memory, research is still going on.

Detailed notes can be found in
19 written way : Always write what you learn, after learning is complete without seeing. Once this is done, information is locked in your neurons. The reason behind this is because (1) when you recall and write it immediately, your hands, body, mouth, eyes, brain participate in the information retrieval process (2) As you are wrting information recall happens slowly, even though you have recalled all the information, you have to hold that in buffer for some time, write that on paper, now start recalling next part of the information again-which improves connectivity among various information stored in brain

20 good diet : Take proper diet and at regular intervals. Do not maintain irregualr intervals of time between your meals. Try to eat daily meals and snacks at same time. Anyway lunch at office or school will be at same time, so try to take snacks also at same time daily including when at home in weekends.

21 silent way : Read when you are alone. Make sure that there is no disturbance when you are reading. Some students hear songs and read books, this is the worst method, avoid this completely. In order to remember for long time, you should read without any distractions. Consider you are recording a video and you are in a noisy environment then noise is also recorded and you experience noise while listening to the recorded video. Likewise, if you hear to music and read or read in an environment where others are talking, your brain processor also finds it difficult while retrieving stored information in brain memory cells. So read in a calm environment in which even the fan sound should be less.

22 Read with interest : Whatever you read dont read for the sake of reading or for the sake of exam, read with interest. First try to get interest by knowing the importance of studies in life to get job to earn your livelihood and get focus by doing meditation daily, next you can read.

23 linking way : try to relate and link with real life actions whatever you read.

24 1 picture = 1000 words, so try to visualize the concept in 3D manner in your brain. Use pictures to remember newly learnt things

25 highlight main points and prepare short notes while studying. Short words find a better place in your brain rather than complete lines.

26 play the role of a teacher for some time and teach friends or others so that you become perfect in the concept and never forget

27 Refer multiple sources like different authored text books, YouTube,… and learn same concept in different words so that you are into the roots of the concept.

28 combined studies : collaborate with other students, brainstorm same topic with other students to get other views on the same topic

29 deep science : see that your body gets complete sleep. As a test, if your body gets enough sleep you should never get asleep during daytime

30 cleanliness is next to godliness : make sure that your surroundings are clean so that your brain is satisfied always and able to accept new information.

31 Stay away from radiation : In olden days there was no radiation and hence memory of people of those times is more. To keep away from radiation, keep your phone while you sleep away from head (memory of human), try to keep phone away from you when at work place even when not talking in the phone as every now and then your phone sends a signal to MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) to know if there are any messages or calls for this mobile number. However, the radiation from your phone is highest when you are talking in a phone call. Also keep WiFi router (which is common in all houses now a days) away from yourself as the WiFi signals are also a source of electro magnetic radiation which has adverse affects on brain tissues for long term exposure.

32 Deep and continuous sleep os a must : sleep continuously for atleast 8 hours instead of having sleep in bits and pieces. Continuous and deep sleep is necessary for humans so that all actively working body parts when awake can take rest.

33 psychological way : If you say to yourselves that
“I have more memory”
“I have more memory”
“I have more memory”
multiple times then you will get more memory

34 social way : Try to talk, share with others in the society so that sometimes things known from discussion rather than knowing by self through reading in Internet or books makes a deeper entry into brain cells and you can remember for long duration

35 harmonal way : It has been shown to lead to reductions in stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. When laughing the brain also releases endorphins that can relieve some physical pain. Laughter also boosts the number of antibody-producing cells and enhances the effectiveness of T-cells, leading to a stronger immune system. If stress is reduced then it indirectly improves memory also. So watch comedy shows

36 Myth : At a time brain remembers only some number of things, so try to not remember things which are not useful for you. Like students should concentrate on studies, do not waste memory to remember things like heroes, heroines, their movies,their biography, cricketers of all countries, their biography, etc. They should concentrate more on the things useful to them. For example students should focus on studies and not on movies, cricket tournament dates.

37 whiteness importance : some students do not write neatly in books. To cut down costs on stationary some students purchase reuse books wherein pages are not purely white but in stale yellow color. According to black body radiation concept, a balck body is a perfect absorber of radiation. Likewise, a white body is a perfect reflector of heat, light and radiation. So, if the background of the pages in which you are writing is white, your brain can absorb more as the white background reflects fully. If students want yo really save money, they can save on other items like not wasting money to go to stadium to watch live cricket,etc. If content is written on a non white background, while revising concepts unknowingly students take more time to understand and your brain feels clumsy to store the information.

38 Historical way : From ancient times, it is a well known fact that whatever you do at early morning time, you remember them for a long time. This is the reason why students are advised to wake up early morning daily and read from 5 AM to 7 AM. The time after we wake up our mind will be fresh and brain will be ready to accept new things. If you read for the same amount of time at the end of the days your brain is already tired doing multiple things from morning and it will add extra burden to your brain. As your brain cannot say no directly, it will accept and reject when you sleep. Hence next day you will feel that you have never read that. Hence the best time to read is in the morning time one hour after you wake up from deep sleep.

39 Divine way : The early morning time from 4 AM to 7 AM is called brahma muhurtam and anything done in this time duration yields auspicious results. So students are advised to read at this time so that they can remember for long time. This is one of the reasons why students in residential batch of Narayana and Sri Chaitanya junior collges yield top ranks as they wake up daily at 5 AM and have study hours till 7 AM.

40 poetic way : Great poets have already mentioned in their poems written in olden days that we should read with interest and not just read for the sake of others, parents, teachers. Whatever work we do we should do with full interest and do with heart so that you can remember them forever. While knowing any new information for the first time, if your brain feels that as interesting it will automatically store in such a way that you will never forget even after 100 years. This is the reason why you will never forget certain things happened in your life like someone has given you many Cadbury silks, someone has proposed to you, someone gave you a surprise gift on your birthday.

41 Repeated technique : what ever you learn keep revising them multiple times so that your brain gets habituated to that. This is the way how a person will never forget his name in his lifetime as he will keep on saying his name to others from chidlhood onwards to whoever asks him his name.

42 Brute force technique : If you are not able to remember where you have kept your things like keys after opening doors, your spectacles after reading newspaper, your finger rings after washing dishes, behave like a robot, design an algorithm. Have a lookup table in your mind, designate fixed places for your things. For example for keys you can designate a fixed place as recess on window area or on a sofa lying at the main door entrance, for finger rings choose a place such as window rack near kitchen sink.

So whenever you need to find an item, search them in the fixed designated places. You can write these fixed designated places in any place like on calendar hung to wall in your home or in color notes app in your phone.

43 cool way : Always forget all your problems, stress matters, real life tensions, goals, deadlines, ambitions, personal matters, love affairs, etc while you sleep. Keep them in stack memory, feel for yourself that you are the happiest person in the world, have a deep sleep for 8 hours, after waking up in the morning next day restore them from stack. This is important because even though you think about these matters, you cannot solve them overnight except increasing stress on your body parts. So, a better approach is to forget them for now, have a deep sleep, get back to them next day morning and you will be more powerfully equipped to tackle these now.

44 Reduce strain on eyes : Dont read anything in phone, PC screen, try to take print and read on paper. Strain on eyes indirectly effects memory

45 mathematical way : Do not do over calculations regarding money or other expenses. Stay cool.

46 If you are using glasses and are working in front of computer for a long time, make sure that your glasses have ARC (anti reflective coating) else the rays from computer screen causes intensive damage to brain intetnal tissues and has adverse effects on memory.

47 Stay away from pollution : Emissions from vehicles has unproved effects on memory. This is the reason why our grand parents have got memory problems, eye sight, white hair, balled head, etc at the age of 80 but now a days people are getting these problems at very young age.

48 Do not store too much of things in your brain as your brain will become like a leaky bucket and will keep on loosing information.

49 Have sufficient deep sleep. Do not keep alarm to wakeup in the morning. After your body has taken sufficient rest, sleep you would get up automatically. Develop this habit of waking up naturally. Waking up because of external sounds like alarm have adverse affects on neurons and brain as you have to wake up forcibly even though your body is still demanding some sleep.

50 Use blue light filter while using smart phone as the blue light passes through the retina of eye and enters tissues of brain. This also causes sleeing issues which is again related to memory power of brain.



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