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The real truth

Everyone new to the Pega platform thinks that just by doing configurations in Pega platform, we can build; It is enough If we just learn all Pega platform features end to end, we can build anything on Pega.

But the bitter truth is many of the business use cases still cannot be done on Pega alone

If we are using vanilla JavaScript or Java, one can easily do the coding

But the hardest part comes when we are trying to implement non-Pega supported features on Pega

(rather doing them on plain java or JavaScript is far easier)

The real truth

60% of the people will be a poor dad and they don’t even know that they are poor dad, they don't even know the difference between poor dad and rich dad (Category 1 people are the most happiest as they don’t even know their mistake)

30% know the difference but due to ill thinking they will be a poor dad (I fall in this category)

6% know the difference, they will be a poor dad but they think that they are like rich dad, they will be partially inclined towards rich dad activities (danger zone as throughout their life they will not leave their current job, striving to become rich dad on the other hand; they end up in leading a stressful life)

4% real rich dad community

Like a flame that burns.

And a thunder that roars.

Like a ray that trails.

Like no-man’s dream.

Every heart. Every soul.

Every desire. Every wish.

Some eternal. Some shortlived.

Unending, momentary

— — —

Her figure, too steep to be on a pine wine, that cannot be blown into…

BIOS, abbreviation of Basic Input Output System, is integrated in ROM chip on main board, which contains the basic input/output program, system configuration information, system startup self-check and pre-setup programs. BIOS provides most basic low-level hardware operations; it is the connection between software and hardware, and interfacing window of hardware and operating system.

Cognition — improve mental processes in brain

I am in charge of my mind and therefore my results

  • I am in charge of my mind and therefore my results
  • My thoughts are focused on the future. I use my strengths and resources to build a brighter tomorrow. 
  • I am…

Tips to keep your organs and your body healthy

  1. The *STOMACH* is injured when you do not have breakfast in the morning.
  2. The *KIDNEYS* are injured when you do not even drink 10 glasses of water in 24 hours.
  3. *GALLBLADDR* is injured when you do not even sleep until 11…


An IC that contains large numbers of gates, flip-flops, etc. that can be configured by the user to perform different functions is called a Programmable Logic Device (PLD).

The internal logic gates and/or connections of PLDs can be changed/configured by a programming process.

One of the simplest programming…

Universal Light meditation


*Today's concept - The Astral World - Develop Visualization*

*To develop mental imaging, sit in a room and concentrate on visualizing everything in another unseen room, until your immediate surroundings disappeared and you start seeing in exact detail everything in the other room. By practice, develop proficiency in visualization (concentrating the mind’s eye on what you wish to achieve) and devisualization (banishing any images that distract from what you are concentrating on).*

👍 *ViCtOrY Of LiGhT..*.💥

💚🔆 *Light workers---*

🔁♻🔁 *Connected with Universe* 💗🌟🌎✨☣

Belief in God — A short story

Every year Martin’s parents took him to his grandmother’s house for the summer break, and they would return home on the same train the next day.
Then one day the boy says to his parents:
′′ I’m pretty big now. What if I go to…

A mutual fund is a company that pools investors’ money to make multiple types of investments, known as the portfolio. Stocks, bonds, and money market funds are all examples of the types of investments that may make up a mutual fund.

A mutual fund is a kind of investment that…

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