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Types of Hackers

⚪ White Hat Hacker:

Also known as *ethical hackers*, they use their skills to discover loopholes and protect the data with prior permission. They do not steal any information or cause disruption.

⚫ Black Hat Hacker:

Black hat hackers are also knowledgeable computer experts but with the…

Cyber frauds

💳 Payment card frauds are a type of banking fraud that involves unauthorized transactions or gaining unauthorized access to private information related to the card.

Here are Some Common Types of Payment Card frauds:

📞 Phishing/Vishing: Attackers are now resorting to voice calls and emails disguised as an…

Password management

For every new website and application we sign up for, it is recommended to use a unique password.

💪 The stronger your password, the tougher it is to hack it.

😐 Also, the tougher the password, the harder it is to remember.

😃 Fortunately, you don’t have to remember all those passwords.

A password manager can remember them for you.

🛅 *Password Manager* is a software application designed to store and manage your online credentials.

🗄️ Just like you keep all your documents in a safe and lock them with a key, you can store all your passwords in a password manager and remember the master password for it.

🛡️ It can also auto-generate highly secure passwords, protect your identity, and save your time.

Some popular password managers:

- Last Pass

- DashLane

- Sticky Password

- 1Password

- PadLoc

🌌 It’s because Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be seen as a _“metaverse company”_ instead of a social media company.

📌 So far, the company has been known by only the name of one of its products - Facebook.

What is Metaverse?

🌐 Zuckerberg says it’s an _embodied internet._ This…

📟 It’s a simple hacking technique.

💸 Yet it created a lot of damage to companies around the world.

🏢 Even some top multinational tech companies were its victims!

*What is Password Spraying?*
🔓 In this technique, an attacker tries to access an account using a list of common and easy-to-guess…

📌Computer Shortcut Keys📌

Ctrl + A - Select All
Ctrl + B - Bold
Ctrl + C - Copy
Ctrl + D - Fill
Ctrl + F - Find
Ctrl + G - Find next instance of text
Ctrl + H - Replace
Ctrl + I - Italic
Ctrl + K - Insert a hyperlink
Ctrl + N…

⛳️ Present continuous tense
💡 English Quiz

Complete the following sentences using the present continuous form of the verb given in brackets.

1. I ……………………. on my computer. (work)

2. The teacher ………………… the students. (teach)

3. The birds ………………… their nests. (make)

4. The child ……………….. a picture. (draw)

Lifestyle changes can make your life easier

1. The *STOMACH*
is injured when
you do not have
breakfast in the

2. The *KIDNEYS*
are injured when
you do not even
drink 10 glasses
of water in 24

is injured when
you do not even

The real truth

Everyone new to the Pega platform thinks that just by doing configurations in Pega platform, we can build; It is enough If we just learn all Pega platform features end to end, we can build anything on Pega.

But the bitter truth is many of the business use cases still cannot be done on Pega alone

If we are using vanilla JavaScript or Java, one can easily do the coding

But the hardest part comes when we are trying to implement non-Pega supported features on Pega

(rather doing them on plain java or JavaScript is far easier)

Aditya B

Passionate author, strategic investor, financial advisor

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