Candidate key vs Primary key in a relational schema

Primary Keys

Rules for primary keys:

  • There can be no missing values( ie. Not Null) for Primary Keys. If the Primary Key is composed of multiple attributes, each of those attributes must have a value for each instance.
  • The Primary Key is immutable.i.e., once created the value of the Primary Key cannot be changed.
  • If the Primary Key consists of multiple attributes, none of these values can be updated.
The solutions to the assignment are given below:
Question 1: Identify the primary key of the relation Car.Answer: Serial noQuestion 2: Identify the foreign key of the relation Sale.Answer: Serial noQuestion 3: How many constraint types are there in relation Sale?Answer: 2 constraints : Primary Key and Foreign Key

Semantic Integrity

Semantic Constraints

  • Integers (short integer, integer, long integer)
  • Real numbers (float and double precision float)
  • Characters
  • Booleans
  • Fixed-length strings and variable length strings
  • Date, time, timestamp
  • Money
  • Other special data types




Passionate author, strategic investor, financial advisor

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Aditya B

Aditya B

Passionate author, strategic investor, financial advisor

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