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Aditya B
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Earn passive income without any efforts

Even though you have a high speed broadband plan (say) 50Mbps and run PacketStream app in laptop or pc, your bandwidth useage is only around 2MB per hour.

Theoretical achievable supply bandwidth = (50Mbps/8) x 0.8 = 5MB per sec

50Mbps/8 is to convert bits to bytes. Generally, ISPs specify network speed in terms of bits (represented by small b) whereas Data plans and data consumed are specified in Bytes (represented by capital B). A network efficiency factor of 0.8 is multiplied as during peak hours users might not get the full speed.

Theoretical achievable supply bandwidth by a Packeter (income earner) in one hour = 18 GB

pay out rate = 0.1$/GB

So maximum income we can achieve in one hours with 50Mbps plan is 1.8$ per hour.

Now we will move out to practical from theory, I have run PacketStream.io desktop app on windows 10 PC for one hour. The traffic sold results are very far from theory of 2MB/hour which turns out to 0.00002$/hour <<<< theoretical earnings potential of 1.8$/hour.

Reasons of less traffic sold (even though high speed internet connection is used) is that PacketStream is quite new to market and there are not enough buyers to buy the bandwidth. Say 1000 apples are produced by farmers and every one stops eating apples, then there is no demand but supply is plenty, so very few out of the farmed 1000 apples will be sold. Likewise, in our case packeters are ready to give high bandwidth from their systems but there are no buyers even in early 2020. We need to be patient and see if sufficient buyers are available in the later days. I have personally tried the same app in early 2019, the traffic sold with the same high speed connection was even more less at that time 500KB/hour but nearly after one year it improved to 2MB/hour (which is still very less).



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