Early work in NLP

>>> quote = "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."
>>> tokens = nltk.word_tokenize( quote )
>>> tags = nltk.pos_tag( tokens )
>>> tags
[('Knowing', 'VBG'), ('yourself', 'PRP'), ('is', 'VBZ'),
('the', 'DT'), ('beginning', 'NN'), ('of', 'IN'), ('all', 'DT'),
('wisdom', 'NN'), ('.', '.')]
>>> sentence = "the man we saw saw a saw"
>>> tokens = nltk.word_tokenize( sentence )
>>> list(nltk.bigrams( tokens ) )
[('the', 'man'), ('man', 'we'), ('we', 'saw'), ('saw', 'saw'),
('saw', 'a'), ('a', 'saw')]

Modern approaches

Word encodings

Recurrent neural networks

Reinforcement learning

Deep learning




Passionate author, strategic investor, financial advisor

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Aditya B

Aditya B

Passionate author, strategic investor, financial advisor

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