Aditya B
2 min readMar 9, 2021


Like a flame that burns.

And a thunder that roars.

Like a ray that trails.

Like no-man’s dream.

Every heart. Every soul.

Every desire. Every wish.

Some eternal. Some shortlived.

Unending, momentary

— — —

Her figure, too steep to be on a pine wine, that cannot be blown into an hour glass.

Eyes as wild as nature has ever known, her beauty unfazed by its daunting slopes.

Modest as a strife-stricken land, victorious like a blooming harvest.

A beauty that is kissed by the sun, that never stops rising.

— — —

Found himself awakened in a surreal world.

Where the wind spiraled in colors like never seen before.

Whose landscapes as though descended from above.

The fragrance from its core like a shielding armor of light.

Beyond the gates, its mysteries are unknown.

Stranded at its gates and views out of his sight, rescued by despair and lost in the void.

— — —

Laws that govern the species, beyond human conception where the seas contain and planets orbit. The perfect synchrony in every bit of matter whose rule-book embedded in every grain and drop.

Flocks of birds brush through the open skies, while some illuminate the waters in dazzling pink. They sing and chirp, but feathers apart.

Tribes of people and impenetrable walls, varying in sizes — porous and magnificent, closely weaved with unscalable knots.

— — —

Bottling your thoughts to an unmapped isle

You wait at the shore hoping a reach

You wish they flew but hey the sea awaits,

Wandering into gaping oblivion your unrelenting wait doesn't seem to elude

— — —

Churned by a burning passion the words surfaced through a trembling pen

Incoherent yet dripping in love

Torn into a thousand pieces withered away with autumn leaves

A thousand knocks unheard in a noisy breeze

A thousand talents that yielded no fruit

A new season awaits but experiences remain

— — —

When I gaze through the window of my heart, brimmed with bubbles of your love, lifting my soul to the moon, weightless in the blue. The tone of your voice paints a portrait into my focus and dims my surroundings into a twilight night.

In freezing winter chills, your warmth covers my skin like a layer of cloudy fabric.

A stroll with you through the tunnel of love, a pathway to alter the dimension of time.

— — —



Aditya B

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