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1 min readNov 5, 2021

Types of Hackers

⚪ White Hat Hacker:

Also known as *ethical hackers*, they use their skills to discover loopholes and protect the data with prior permission. They do not steal any information or cause disruption.

⚫ Black Hat Hacker:

Black hat hackers are also knowledgeable computer experts but with the wrong intention.

However, unlike white hat hackers, black hat hackers try to break into systems & networks to steal confidential information, delete or modify certain crucial files to cause disruption and inflict losses.

👶 Script Kiddies:

A script kiddie is an amateur hacker who is only aware of basic hacking techniques. Such people mainly use open-source hacking software or borrow it from people they know.

👤 Malicious Insider:

Individuals who expose confidential information of an organization they are working in. These individuals are also known as whistleblowers.

🔘 Grey Hat Hacker:

They’re a combination of black hat and white hat hackers.

A grey hat hacker may breach a company’s private servers without seeking permission. But instead of stealing information, they will notify the management about the vulnerability.

🧑‍💻 Hacktivist:

Hackers who attack a particular company or government agency to protest against certain policies and bring them to the public’s attention to raise awareness.

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