Why did Facebook change its name to Meta?

Aditya B
1 min readOct 29, 2021


🌌 It’s because Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be seen as a _“metaverse company”_ instead of a social media company.

📌 So far, the company has been known by only the name of one of its products - Facebook.

What is Metaverse?

🌐 Zuckerberg says it’s an _embodied internet._ This means it blends real and virtual worlds more than ever before.

💡 _It’s more like you are living in the internet, rather than just looking at it. Here, you can feel present with other people as if you were in other places._

✅ For example, you and your friend who stays in another country can meet up in an amusement park in a virtual world, but with digital avatars.

🤝 You can talk, chat and interact with the virtual world you’re in.

Metaverse is a universe with all such virtual worlds.

👉 At the same time, the metaverse is not limited to Virtual Reality alone.

💻 Currently, you can only experience the internet when you go to it.

👁️ With everything connected to the internet and using augmented reality, you’ll be able to experience it all around you all the time.

👓 For example, you wear AR glasses with a brain-computer interface,

🚗 When you think about a car, the brain-computer interface understands your thoughts and displays a 3D model of the car before you.

🌐 Some see Metaverse as the next version of the internet.



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