Why honey is called an elixir?

Does raw honey has an expiry date, read the article to know

Honeybees store honey in hexagon-shaped boxes after collecting it from flowers so that they can use them during the rainy season when they cannot fly. This honey stored in the rooms contains moisture. This moisture is removed by the honey bees by drying it with their wings and then these rooms are sealed by wax. Humans remove the wax and then remove the pure honey stored in the cells into a bottle and sell. This raw and pure form of honey has no expiry date and hence is called elixir on earth. But some people remove the honey even before drying, waxing is done BY honey bees so that they can get money early. Because of this, some impurities and moisture will be present in the honey due to which it lasts only around 6 months. After 6 months, we can observe a color change of the stored honey. Therefore, commercial companies, purify this honey sold by villagers, heat it to remove moisture, adds preservatives so that the life of processed honey can be extended to a few years.

The raw, unprocessed honey taken only after beeswax the hexagon-shaped cell is the pure form of honey which doesn’t have an expiry date and hence called the elixir of life. Even after many years of storage, such a pure form of honey without any contaminants doesn’t show any odor change or color change.

Do not store honey in the refrigerator, store it at normal room temperature.

Honey is a powerhouse of antioxidants and helps our body to prevent aging, rejuvenate cells, remove toxins from the blood, aids in removing dead cells in the body. Honey is the only food item that doesn’t need much digestion by the human digestive system, instantly the glucose present in the honey reaches the brain. Hence, when people are fasting they are advised to take honey either in raw form or mixed with lemon juice to power the brain instantly.


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